The most memorable event?
Surely the next one
We have been designing and organising events in Venice for over twenty years and we are now the hub of an international communication network between the corporate and academic world, public institutions and universities.
Nexa was established in the 1990s when Gilda Zaffagnini decided to turn her long-time passion into a profession, specializing in the organization of academic events: scientific symposia for prestigious universities, international seminars and specialized workshops for major institutions.

In the course of time Nexa acquired considerable knowhow, new skills and commissions, putting together a group of gifted people, a young and dynamic team with a special talent for organization in which each member contributes professional knowledge and expertise to give this company a heart, a brain, and a soul.
And so the most complex of projects gets successfully completed with flexibility and precision, because we devote our full attention to listening to the needs of our clients, so as to best advise them, anticipate their needs, working alongside them during the development of the idea and the realization of the event. Always with the utmost respect for different, customized solutions, making sure that the expected corporate communication goals are achieved.

Today, academic conferences stand side by side with corporate events, cultural conferences, events for famous artists exhibiting at the Venice Biennale, and gala nights, stylish openings and meetings for major international luxury brands, in addition to the fantastic parties organized in the most splendid patrician palaces in the city.

Venice in itself is the ideal venue: the locations, activities and traditions are the unique heritage of this city. Certain that the international vocation of the city will highlight any presence and participation, Nexa works with Venice to translate the client’s blueprint into a winning strategy. This however does not exclude “external” events, which always bring a welcome expansion to the network of relationships and contacts that are the real strength of our company.

Nexa’s success in consolidating the loyalty of its top international clients lies in combining the implementation of correct strategies and proper visibility, even for the most particular or specific needs. We work side by side with our clients at each step of the development of the project to its final completion to help them build and communicate their brand, message or event.

Our aim is to exceed your expectations and those of your guests!