If the medium makes the message,
the city showcases the event
Method and precision are the operative words for all the activities and support services in the organization of conferences. Imagination and creativity are however just as essential to create original collateral entertainment and exciting social programs, striking the right balance between the rigour of science and the joys of leisure time! This is the perfect conference, the one that will be remembered by the participants for many years to come.

Conferences are meetings between experts and scholars who exchange views on issues of common interest, aimed at updating and furthering study and research in a given field. They can take the form of a scientific symposium, a workshop, or a lecture. As a rule, the organizer is responsible for the scientific secretariat, indicating the themes of the conference, and identifying the participants, while our team takes care of the technical and organisational secretariat, manages the registrations and develops ancillary activities: hospitality, hotel accommodation, logistics, the conference venue, the catering services, the conference hostesses, interpreters, translators, and, last but not least, the social program. More and more often, scientific conferences choose prestigious venues and fun and interesting social programs and, to cap off a boat tour around the lagoon sipping an aperitif on board, we at Nexa are always ready to organize a leisurely dinner in a typical restaurant, or a evening full of charm in a patrician palace or in a museum open exclusively for the occasion.
Conventions and business meetings are an opportunity for businessmen and sales people to meet and plan future activities or for experts to discuss current issues. Atmosphere is the key to commitment, one that will produce the return on investment that is the company's goal. The choice of the venue is essential as is the setting of the stage, the focal point from which to launch the "message". The organization of a meeting bringing together managers, professionals or experts and specialists require extensive planning where practicality and convenience are combined with sophistication and prestige. Venue setup, activities and services must translate the concept and promote business relations. Nexa focuses on the organizational details that can foster closer ties between participants, strengthen their corporate spirit, encourage interpersonal communication and ensure comfort and satisfaction.
Specialist seminars
Specialist seminars are usually conducted according to certain rules: they address a specific theme, the participants are experts on the subject, practical aspects are prioritized over theoretical ones, and they usually have a tight timeline. All delegates participate actively, often behind closed doors. Privacy and rigour are the guiding rules. For this kind of seminar we choose a secluded location to promote concentration, set up the room with a horseshoe table,make sure that microphones and amplification work perfectly, select the best interpreters to ensure not a single nuance is lost in translation, arrange coffee breaks and lunch to reflect the schedule of the meeting. However, formalism and rigidity are kept within the confines of the room, only to be dissolved completely during the gala evenings or the most refined concerts, or the social programs where every organizational detail is impeccable, yet encourages and promotes socializing and networking between the guests.
Ministerial Meetings
Ministerial meetings are large-scale institutional events, forums in which ministers from different countries come together to make decisions and coordinate shared political and economic strategies.They are the sum of all types of organization; the institutional event par excellence and at the same time, a conference in its strictest form, a specialist workshop behind closed doors and also the most sophisticated gala reception. Knowing how to properly combine each activity with the various stakeholders is one of the guidelines in the preparation of these meetings. The Nexa team knows how to relate to the state apparatus, government offices and officials, undersecretaries or ambassadors, organize days of plenary sessions with distinguished guests, parallel sessions, bilateral meetings, following the dictates of the state ceremonial and the busy schedule of the political world. The lines of action here are "on demand" and "on the spot" so as to satisfy last-minute needs and changes and new decisions of the many important participants. Down to the last detail, and always to perfection!
A roadshow - literally a "traveling show" - is a dynamic and efficient event, an initiative that a company launches to present the latest corporate strategies or generate excitement and interest in a new product. As the term indicates, a roadshow is held in different cities and its ever-changing scenarios must be translated and reinterpreted every single time.Our challenge is to promote the concept and the goals the company aspires to, recreating an event that is different from the one in the previous city, built on the characteristics of the location, and able to convey a strong and clear brand image and corporate message.