20 years of events
and the same passion!
events   Organizing events is communication, meeting, visibility and movement. It is celebrating an event giving expression to an emotion which can really be called authentic only with the perfect planning and coordination of all technical, organizational and logistics details. We are then ready to "build" the most beautiful and memorable event with you! continue congresses   Method and precision are the operative words for all the activities and support services in the organization of conferences. Imagination and creativity are however just as essential to create original collateral entertainment and exciting social programs, striking the right balance between the rigour of science and the joys of leisure time! This is the perfect conference, the one that will be remembered by the participants for many years to come. continue itineraries   Logistics is crucial in organizing events, often becoming an event in itself! Because of the intricate and highly particular urban fabric of the city, it is only thanks to meticulous logistics management that a high standard of organization can be achieved and the ultimate satisfaction of the customer ensured. And we can suggest how to best navigate these "waters" and adjust the course! continue logistics   We offer "culture & leisure" programs where tradition and curiosity come together in moments rich in history and local interest to help guests discover the most magical and authentic Venice. From the classic sights to the most secret corners, our itineraries are designed to capture the true spirit of the city and the grandeur of its former glory. continue