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Logistics is crucial in organizing events, often becoming an event in itself! Because of the intricate and highly particular urban fabric of the city, it is only thanks to meticulous logistics management that a high standard of organization can be achieved and the ultimate satisfaction of the customer ensured. And we can suggest how to best navigate these "waters" and adjust the course!

Classical Venice: the treasures of St. Mark's Square
The most beautiful open-air drawing room in the world, St. Mark's Square and its monuments - a journey through a legacy that spans fifteen centuries of history and art with thematic tours: the Doge's Palace and the places of power of the Venetian Republic, the Basilica and its precious golden mosaics and Byzantine architecture, the Correr Museum and the great masterpieces of Venetian history and art. And in addition to the classic tours, in-depth thematic visits, "secret itineraries", interesting facts and historical information to bring to life the rich and diverse history of the city.
Modern and Contemporary Venice
Venice is also modern and contemporary art, a favorite destination of important art patrons such as Peggy Guggenheim, who built one of the landmarks of modern art, the Peggy Guggenheim Collection; and François Pinault, the great French collector who has recently transformed ​​ Punta della Dogana into the largest exhibition complex for contemporary art in the city. An itinerary strongly marked by the avant-garde that includes museums, private collections, galleries, not to mention the artistic experiments that the Biennale of Art conceives and presents to the world.
Venice off the beaten path
Explore the lesser-known neighborhoods, equally fascinating and of great historical and artistic value. An unusual walk away from the madding crowds of the traditional tourist destinations, to discover districts and squares, hidden gardens, churches and monuments that preserve interesting relics of the past in an essentially Venetian atmosphere.
Ancient arts and crafts
Venice is also traditional shops and workshops in which artisans still create extraordinary works of art: the traditional Venetian mask, made ​​of papier mache and decorated entirely by hand, the precious Murano blown glass, the unique mosaic masterpieces in gold leaf and enamel, the prestigious fabrics made ​​on antique looms according to traditional techniques. Authentic traditions and unique products famous throughout the world that will inspire and delight visitors.
The lagoon islands
A fascinating tour of the lagoon islands to discover the origins of the history of Venice and be carried away by the evocative power of the ancient relics of the past. Torcello and the of the earliest settlement of the city, typical Burano and its multicolored houses, world famous for the art of embroidery and lace, Murano with its age-old tradition of glass blowing, the picturesque lagoon villages and monasteries surrounded by silence and intense spirituality. A tour that offers unique views, and an intimate, first-hand experience of the history the lagoon islands bear witness to.
Custom-tailored tours
Myriads of itineraries and ways to experience the authentic life of the city and capture some extraordinary memories ....A romantic gondola ride while sipping champagne, a fascinating boat tour along the Grand Canal at night, an interesting photographic workshop "from dusk till dawn", a gourmet tour of the "baccari" (typical local bars), a fun cooking class held in one of the patrician palaces, a visit to the incredible Venetian Arsenal, where the ships of the mighty Venetian fleet were built... and much, much, more, all rigorously custom-tailored to our clients’ interests.