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We offer "culture & leisure" programs where tradition and curiosity come together in moments rich in history and local interest to help guests discover the most magical and authentic Venice. From the classic sights to the most secret corners, our itineraries are designed to capture the true spirit of the city and the grandeur of its former glory.

Logistics hostesses
The hostesses in charge of logistics are highly experienced professionals with a specific license issued by the Province. They are the people that make sure guests arrive at the right place at the right time, whether they decide to walk to their destination -Venice is a magnificent maze - or take a "vaporetto" water bus connecting the key points in the city, or a water taxi to reach a more specific place. They are our dedicated staff fully trained to coordinate all airport formalities at arrival and departure, handling all related issue. They will meet guests arriving at the city terminals and thus ensure good organization and a smooth transition from one moment of the event to the next.
Efficient transport means efficient logistics. In Venice, where everything moves on water, each type of water transport must be integrated and well-coordinated:the water taxis to take visitors from the terminal to the hotel, the boats used to carry the guests to the gala dinner, the gondolas for a romantic ride, the historic boat for a spectacular tour in the lagoon, the luxury yacht for a cruise among the islands, the barges carrying goods and things ... not to mention cars for transfers on the mainland and helicopters to fully enjoy a bird's eye view of our stunning city!
Nowhere in the world is there a waterway so big and beautiful as the Grand Canal, lined with the magnificent palaces and historic houses which are often the locations of our events. Access to these age-old buildings is sometimes difficult or totally impracticable.This is where we come in, putting up mooring floats, piers and jetties that allow our guests to disembark with ease, safely, and enjoy to the full the enchanted atmosphere surrounding them. These are purpose-built installations, taking into account the type of building, its location, the width of the channel or the surge of the tide ... and once inside the buildings, in their extraordinary gardens, we develop a set design with furnishings, structures and installations depending on the type of event, specifically created to highlight the magic of the venue and the city.
Every major international event has its own security manager whose task is to coordinate and ensure the protection of everyone involved, through briefings, informational interviews, declarations of conformity, insurance and contractual procedures. Our body guards, a team of licensed professionals, oversee the locations and venues, protect the works around which we build some of our events and ensure the security of VIPs, members of the Government and other officials .