20 years of events
and the same passion!
Organizing events is communication, meeting, visibility and movement. It is celebrating an event giving expression to an emotion which can really be called authentic only with the perfect planning and coordination of all technical, organizational and logistics details. We are then ready to "build" the most beautiful and memorable event with you!

Corporate events
Organizing a corporate event, especially a signature event for a luxury brand, is an individually "tailored" commitment, an occasion that must perfectly interpret the concept set out by the communication framework. For the celebration of an iconic brand, the opening of a major company, the signing of an international agreement or the launch of a new line, our team of professionals follows all the stages of the organizational and communication plan to build a made-to-measure event. We interact with the company to design the invitations and manage the mailing list, jointly develop the graphic design in detail and analyze each strategic and operational step with the client: venue, setup, technical equipment and stage setting, catering services, logistics, hostesses, translators and interpreters, as well as being able to meet any last minute request. We like to dedicate our work to the client and implement events representing the company, thus contributing to enhance the added value elements needed to win new customers and strengthen market share.
Institutional Events
Large institutions organize events to celebrate solemn occasions and important meetings or to affirm their identity. In this case, more than ever, the need to be "institutional" in the organization of the event is paramount, following all the rules that govern the formality of the meetings and paying close attention to ceremonial, scrupulously following protocol guidelines every step of the way. Precision and etiquette are the principles informing every aspect of the process, from the feasibility study to the preparation and implementation of all organizational stages of the event: the composition of the mailing list, the dispatch of the invitations, the relations with the relevant departments and authorities, the phone follow-ups for confirmation from premier speakers and attendees, the allocation of seats at the event, the management of the hostesses who coordinate the reception and the "positioning" of the guests. We coordinate every organizational service in the knowledge that the success of the event, and therefore the visibility of the institution, can also be measured in terms of the ability to respect and accommodate all social ranks and positions, seamlessly and discreetly.
Cultural Events
Venice is the quintessential city of culture, the perfect stage for prestigious events and social occasions, attracting the visitors from all over the world. The great museums and major institutions such as the Biennale, promote initiatives, exhibitions, events, openings attended by the most renowned international artists; the universities are the driving force behind important cultural and literary events with the participation of artists, writers and authors of international renown. And the Nexa team confirms its commitment to culture and cultural events, providing the know-how we have acquired in many years of experience in the city to help us keep a strong grip on the structural relationships of the event. Our proven capability to establish positive relations with artists, writers, journalists, curators, opinion leaders and our efforts in identifying the exclusive venues that will host the various activities, together with a detailed knowledge of the most suitable suppliers, guarantee that everyone and everything will be in the right place at the right time!
Gala Events
Gala is a word that in itself is enough to evoke elegance, beauty, style and sophistication. It is a special moment that we love and for which we design special projects that require the utmost accuracy in each aesthetic detail. A gala night just has to be flawless. By choosing an extraordinary venue made ​​unique by exclusive furnishings, decorations, flowers, lighting and music, the finest foods and an unforgettable atmosphere, the full success in welcoming every guest is guaranteed.The gala reception is the highlight of a meeting, and should never be less than perfect!
Grand openings & vernissages
A vernissage is a private preview of an exhibition, an exclusive moment whose organization is closely related to its media value. In Venice, the premier showcase for art and popularity, grand openings and previews are innumerable: exhibitions, luxury stores, deluxe hotels, museums, palaces, there are countless opportunities for events that combine culture and social life. Attendance is paramount and the imperative is to ensure the participation of experts, journalists, local political leaders, curators, artists, PR professionals - it is the guest list that will "make or break" the event. And that is why we offer a range of activities aimed to enhance both content and image: the happy participation of the guests, the impeccable hospitality of the hosts, the quality and presentation of the food, the ambience of the party that will crown the event and all the services that will turn it into a veritable ribbon-cutting ceremony.
Private events
Just as the name implies, private events are not for the public eye and intended for a small group of people who are regaled with incomparable emotion. Venice is the perfect setting for those special occasions: an anniversary to celebrate with a gondola ride while sipping champagne under the stars and a dinner in a patrician palace; a wedding anniversary with intimate and romantic moments, a birthday party to throw for a friend who does not expect it. Working behind the scene, we help you create these and many other magic moments, and make your dreams come true. We are ready to listen and offer advice, because a dream that you wish will indeed come true.
And if, who knows, your greatest dream was a fairytale wedding?